About Us

Mitchell and Beverly Smith would like to thank you for choosing Honduras Coffee Company. Our company has been providing individuals and business with the best coffee since 1997. We give all praise to God for our ability to be able to provide our costumers with the best. We are a family owned and operated coffee roasting company located in Stuart, Virginia. 

We provide the finest coffees from Honduras and world wide. Specializing in wholesale, whole bean, or ground coffee.From retail internet sales, to pre-measured foil packets for your restaurant or coffee shop. We take great pride in our many offerings of coffee. 

Our coffee is roasted daily and is shipped fresh. We believe in providing our customers with the highest quality at affordable prices.

Honduras Coffee Company has a roasting system like none other. We use a fluid bed roaster. Most all other roasters use a drum roaster which causes carcinogens because the chaff is burned up on the bean. The fluid bed provides the best tasting coffee because it evenly heats and removes the chaff from the bean, given a smooth cup of delicious coffee.

Thank you for choosing Honduras Coffee Company. We look forward to serving you today and for many years to come.

Our phone number is (276) 389-7422

Email: mitchell@hondurascoffeecompany.com

Email: hondurascoffeeco@gmail.com